Four months before the scheduled pickup date, November 19, 2020 at the Military Training Center in Nowa Dęba, acceptance procedures of the landing sites complex  MEDAVAC, MAZIARNIA, TRAFO station,  has been completed.

Consortium of companies: WARBUD S.A. (Leader) i HELI FACTOR SP. z o.o. (Partner) built under an agreement with the 12 Local Airport Branch, three modern, 24-hour, fully instrumented landing pads  able to accept  large battle helicopters and medical helicopters in all weather conditions.

As part of this investment, 8 aprons with navigation and projector lighting for servicing aircraft, access road and RTS service board were also built.

The landing pads and aprons have been functionally linked by taxiways also with navigation lighting.

Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. was responsible for all electrical and teletechnical works the total value of which amounted to over PLN 3,200,000.00 net (PLN 3 936 000.00 gross).

Despite the difficult times of the pandemic, we managed to complete all the works to the highest standards and well ahead of schedule. We are glad that once again our work contributed to the improvement of the training conditions of the Polish army and increased the medical safety of the soldiers trained at the training ground.