Today, Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. signed a contract with the Podlaskie Voivodeship, represented by Suwałki Landscape Parks, for the design and construction of two steel observation towers in Przełomka and Malesowizna. They will play mainly recreational functions and constitute a tourist attraction in the vicinity of Lake Hańcza. The towers will be equipped with monitoring cameras enabling online observation of the area through the website of Suwałki Landscape Park.

Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. as the general contractor of the investment will prepare the design of the towers from scratch, obtain all the arrangements, build the towers, develop instructions for the use of the facility and obtain the use permits for the contracting authority.

The total height of the towers will be 19.5 m. The observation deck will be located at a height of 15.5 m.

The implementation will be preceded by obtaining a Building Permit by 30/06/2021. The value of the works will exceed PLN 1,082,000.00 gross.