At the end of October, Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. started work on the construction of a helipad at the Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin. As a subcontractor, we signed with Budimex S.A. two agreements for the implementation of this task.

As part of the works entrusted to us, Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. will prepare a workshop design for mesh supports with safety nets fastening. We will provide materials and install the nets.

The scope of our works also includes a workshop design of the landing pad structure, comprehensive design of vibration isolation along with all arrangements, development at the Institute of Civil Aviation of an analysis of the impact of the helicopter load on the building structure, and comprehensive execution of vibration isolation.

The total value of the works carried out by Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. will amount to PLN 571,950.00 gross. The works will end in spring 2021.