Heli Factor has signed a contract for the delivery and installation of the Explosive Detection System (EDS) and installation of CCTV industrial television on terminal B of the Katowice airport. The order is executed for the contractor of the investment, DIMARK S.A. which has signed a contract with the airport authorities for the modernization and extension of the BHS and EDS system (transport and checked of registred luggage). The EDS system, equipped with the highest quality tomographs of the standard of at least 3, is intended to  control hazardous materials and alerting the airport service in the event of an attempt to transport explosive substances.

The Katowice aipirt will be the third international airport in Poland with this generation of devices. The new CCTV system will monitor the work areas of the BHS and EDS systems.

The completion of the work was panned for April 2021.

The value of the Heli Factor project is PLN 12 million net, while the total value of the project will amount to over 28 million PLN.