Heli Factor acquires more orders for providing innovative solutions in the aviation infrastructure sector. This time, the team of Heli Factor will be responsible for subcontracting part of the work on the expansion and reconstruction of the Suwałki airport for the general contractor, PRASKO Construction Sp. z o.o. – consortium leader. The Suwałki airport will undergo general modernization, including: construction of the main runway along with taxiway and apron and supplying the airport with navigational lighting. Heli Factor will perform electrical and teletechnical installations for runway lighting, taxiways and apron.  In addition, under the contract, the company will provide and install a modern and energy-saving navigation system in LED technology. The airport will be adapted to handle takeoffs and landings of helicopters, gliders, hang gliders and small aircraft. The investment is an example of cooperation within a public-private partnership. The reconstruction of the port will cost PLN 27 million, of which PLN 10 million will be transferred to the city by a furniture company that has two furniture factories in the city. The project will run until the end of June 2019.