The company Heli Factor has recently successfully completed the construction of several modern landing sites. The projects are located next to medical units in four locations: Augustów, Zakopane, Wysokie Mazowieckie and Leżajsk. The facilities have a huge impact on improving the quality of emergency medical services and patient transport safety. Landing in Augustów was officially opened in July. The scope of work included the performance of construction, assembly, installation and infrastructure works as well as technological commissioning.

Also in July, a reconstructed sanitary landing ground for helicopters of the Powiat Hospital named after Tytusa Chałubińskiego in Zakopane was put into operation. It is used both by the ambulance service and the Tatra Volunteer Ambulance Service. Heli Factor has made installations of electrical power systems related to the lighting of the landing field and reconstruction of the drainage system.

The third heliport received in July is located in Wysokie Mazowieckie. The project included the construction of a new landing pad in reinforced concrete technology and access roads. The landing pad was also equipped with modern navigation lighting with remote control, area lighting and obstacle marking of the MV / HV lines.

The last project, commissioned for use in September, was the helicopter landing pad in Leżajsk. Heli Factor works included construction of landing pad, lighting system and wind direction indicator.  CLICK HERE to see a movie showing view of the heliports from the air. All investments were registered by the contractor at the Civil Aviation Office and completed on time. This proves the complexity of the scope of Heli Factor services and the reliability of the implementation team.