Heli Factor will carry out electrical and teletechnical works at the airport in Gliwice. Thanks to modernization works, local airport in Gliwice will receive the status of a public airport and will be able to handle business and cargo flights. Until now, the object was mainly for sport purposes and was used by the Gliwice aeroclub.  At the airport, work will be undertaken related to the hardening of the runway, taxiway and apron. The project will also increase the attractiveness of nearby investment areas. The cost of the entire investment is PLN 27 million. Th Heli Factor Company signed a contract with the general contractor Przedsiębiorstwo Remontów Ulic i Mostów S.A. in Gliwice  for performing electro-energetic works together with the airport lighting delivery and navigation lighting. The Gliwice airport will be equipped with a modern LED navigation, navigation system for a new runway, taxiway and apron.  
Additionally, the company will implement a container TRAFO station with a built-in control system. The order will be implemented as part of the project, “Modernization of the airport of exclusive use in Gliwice to adapt to the requirements of the 1Bst reference code’’. The investment is financed by the city of Gliwice and run by  Górnośląską Agencję Przedsiębiorczości i Rozwoju. The completion date is scheduled for October 31, 2019. The value of the Heli Factor contract is less than 2.3 million net.