On April 29, 2021, Heli Factor signed another of the announced Agreements with ‘Polish Airports’ State Entreprise related to the expansion of the “Radom – Sadków” airport to the function of a modern international airport.

The signed contract worth PLN 7,559,105.69 net (PLN 9,297,700.00 gross) covers Execution in the design and build formula of tasks called: Expansion of the Radom – Sadków Airport (EPRA) in the field of the MV power network, sewage system, telecommunication and rainwater network, DD4 road, hardening and foundations in the AVOS3 area, retention reservoirs, flow metres” and an order to perform the function of the Site Manager for construction works covered in full by the Decision on the investment permit for the reconstruction of the public airport reconstruction No. 127 / SPEC / 2020 of November 18, 2020, including obtaining the decision on the use permit for all works covered by this decision.

The deadline for the works indicated in the contract is 6 months, including obtaining the use permit or effective notification of the completion of the works. Total deadline for obtaining the use permit for the full scope of the decision ZRIL No. 127 / SPEC / 2020 is 13 months from the date of signing the Agreement.