On August 5, 2019, a consortium of companies: WARBUD S.A. (Leader) i HELI FACTOR SP. z o.o. (Partner) signed a contract with the 12th District Aviation Department in Warsaw for the implementation of the task under the name: Construction of MEDAVAC, MAZIARNIA heliports, trafo station and cable network” at the military training ground Nowa Dęba.

As part of the task at the Polygonal Training Center for Ground Troops – Nowa Dęba three modern, 24-hour, fully instrumented landing pads will be created, that can accommodate large battle helicopters and medical helicopters in all weather conditions. In addition, there will be 8 aprons and an RST service board. The whole will be linked by access roads and taxiways of aircraft.

Heli Factor as part of the consortium, is responsible for the construction of a 2 km ground connection for Medium Voltage, construction of the TRAFO station building, construction of a cable duct with LV cabling, equipping airstrips and taxiways with navigation lighting systems, equipping landing pads and aprons with modern projector lighting systems, performance of guaranteed power supply, delivery of power supplies and control systems.

The deadline for execution of construction works is 15 months, and the transfer of facilities to operation is 19 months from the day of signing the Contract. The value of the contract signed is PLN 17,611,306.68 gross, of which the value of works assigned to Heli Factor is over PLN 3.7 million gross.