In February 2020, Heli Factor Sp. z o.o. will complete the construction of a raised landing pad at the 1st Military Clinical Hospital with the SP ZOZ Polyclinic in Lublin. The works commissioned to us included design, construction, sanitary, electrical and teletechnical works, as well as modern, 24-hour navigation lighting.

As part of the works, unique on a Polish scale technical solutions dedicated only to this particular object were applied. The scope entrusted to us was also to obtain a decision on admission to use, entry of the landing pad in the records of the landing sites of the Civil Aviation Office and execution of collections with the future user of the landing pad of the Air Ambulance Service. The landing pad has also been entered into the landing pad records that can be used by the Air Ambulance Service and is ready to carry out air operations.

The completion of this difficult construction confirms the company’s high competence and unique references in this type of facilities.  The opening of the landing pad significantly improves safety and access to medical services of the region’s inhabitants.

The gross value of the contract was over PLN 3 690 000.00.