At the beginning of June we signed a contract for reconstruction of a helicopter landing pad with Independent Public Plant Health Care Provincial Specialist Hospital No. 3 in Rybnik.  The project is co-financed from the European Union funds.  The aim of the task is to improve the quality of medical services for the inhabitants of the region.

Under the agreement, Heli Factor will carry out all work in the field of construction and electrical engineering. The construction part includes the construction of the landing pad, drainage, marking, fencing of the area and the construction of an access road. The electrical part includes lighting system for basement and lift, and final approach and return zone. We will also install: light lines of the main approach direction, helicopter approach path indicator HAPI, obstruction lights and identification light of the landing pad.  It will also be built day nad night obstacle marking high voltage lines 110 kV.  

The reconstruction of the landing field will end in October 2019.

The contract value is PLN 1 742 910 gross.